The first real interaction Adam and Laura had with each other was at Coachella 2012, on what would turn out to be a bit of a foreshadowing for their rest of the lives. They were in the Sahara Tent beer garden when Laura accidentally knocked over Adam’s completely full Heineken - which is like a $16 drink. Laura offered to buy Adam a replacement, and they’ve been buying each other concert beers ever since.


They became best friends over the next 4 years, chatting all day, every day, about everything... but mostly music. They found out that they both loved so many of the same bands, from LCD Soundsystem, to Pearl Jam, to Simon & Garfunkel to The National. But they also found differences: Adam wasn’t keen on The Black Keys like Laura was, and Laura didn’t really have Adam’s same love for Kanye West. Heated debates ensued.


They saw each other a few times a year at various music festivals, but it wasn’t until New Year’s
Eve 2016, when Laura and her friends traveled to San Francisco for the holiday, that Adam
finally worked up the cojones to make his move and kissed Laura at midnight, confirming to
themselves, and their friends’ suspicions, that the two had been feeling something more.



They dated long distance for almost a year before Laura (who was living in Los Angeles at the time
with her cat, Chella) was able to make the move to San Francisco. And finally, on April 27th, 2019, in a small hollow in Golden Gate Park, Adam got down on one knee and asked Laura to be his concert buddy (and Chella’s Cat-Dad) for life.

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